We Work With Leaders and Teams in Five Areas

Leadership Opportunities or Set-Backs

When the challenge sits squarely in the leader’s lap with a steep capability or experience gap, a blind spot, or a recurring derailing style that is now imperative to re-develop.

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Accelerated, Steep Goals

When the leader’s intended outcomes require a new vision, plan, relationships, capability, and/or behaviors—maybe even new players.

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Complexity and Conflict

When a leader, a top team, or a critical project team recognize that challenging relationships, competing interests, or simply the ever-increasing complexity of doing business is a impeding factor to success.

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Transitions and Legacy

When a change in leadership or impending retirement heightens the need to get ready for a seamless transition, finalize legacy-building, or reset the team membership and roles.

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An Under-Developed Leadership Tier

When a critical role or level of leadership is identified as important for specific development in one of our key learning areas.

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“Mary has partnered with me on numerous leadership assignments. We employed her framework of methodically engaging senior leadership teams to clearly define their business priorities and to improve strategic thinking and decision making. The results throughout have been a consistent upgrade in disruptive thinking and a step change in business outcomes.”
John O’Brien, Founding Investor at ARdVRk Technologies
“As a leader, Mary has helped me shape or refine my own thinking and utilize my own natural strengths to create positive results.”
Bill Mezzanotte, Therapeutic Head, Respiratory, Boehringer Ingelheim, Inc. AstraZeneca Inc.
“Working with Mary, I not only executed my strategy, but I reset the bar and drove exceptional results.”
Sandra Morgan, Vice President, National Sales, HCA
“Mary was instrumental in pushing me to work through a review of lifelong experiences, clarification of my leadership style, and a definition of the value which I bring to an organization.”
Ina Kamenz, Chief Information Officer, Eli Lilly Inc.
“Mary is an amazing advisor and strategic thinking partner. She has been instrumental in helping me build strong teams, break down communication barriers, and achieve cross functional alignment to a common goal.”
Libby Keating, Founder, Keating Consulting LLC
“Mary provided our commercial organizational with exceptional executive coaching, partnership, and support. Her efforts were critical in helping us navigate the obstacles in achieving our objectives. Our relationship has provided my company and our leadership the insight to achieve remarkable measurable success.”
Julio Garamvolgyi, HR Business Manager – New Holland North America
“Mary is an exceptional business professional who understands how to achieve great results through people. Her creative, practical and direct guidance has helped me transform my firm’s consulting practice from reactive and marginally profitable to a proactive business unit poised for growth and profitability.”
David Rees, Principal, Health Strategies Group, Inc.

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