imageI’m in England this week for some work and a little time off. After the usual  pre-trip scramble, I got on a Friday night plane with a fierce cold. The first couple days have been recouping and  trying no to talk too much.

Conserving my energy, I looked for opportunities to really add to the dialogue. And, in my self-induced quietness. I began to reflect on how little I have to say that is truly important or maybe even interesting.

In listening mode, I can hear more (literally and for meanng), and I can see more.

We stayed on the cathedral grounds in Cantebury for the weekend. We could see the majestic, historic cathedral from our hotel window, beautiful without word

This week, don’t wait for a cold. Reserve your commentary in a meeting, hearing the right place for your words. Ask a question, listen and ask, and listen some more. Notice whether you are talking, talking and, therefore, missing an opportunity for making an impact.

Let me know what you find.