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Another calendar year of performance is around the corner.Yippee!

Have you set your goals for 2012? Performance management process aside, have you targeted a remarkable result?

If you’re in the process (as I am), heed these Top Three “No-Nos” for creating goals for a remarkable year:

  1. Fill out the performance management forms, using last year’s goals as a starting point. Now, I’m not actually saying don’t look at your prior years goals, but make sure you are really thinking about what you could or want to create this year.
  2. Right-size your goal to the compensation system. I’ll rant about performance-based compensation some other time, but consider having two sets of goals. One that is your formal company plan, and the other that sets a big idea in motion.
  3. Make SMART objective statements. Okay, so SMART objectives are actually fine for the one-liner, but it’s the complexity of all the key aspects to your goal and the meaning behind those words that make the difference between business-as-usual and actual remarkable results.

Instead, start with the hardest question of all: What do I want…to produce with this team?…for my career?…in my critical relationships?

Then, at least with the most critical goals, take the time and put the hard work into a creating compelling picture of your desired end-state.