Everywhere I turn, I am reading an article about Sherly Sandberg’s and Adam Grant’s book Option B. If you haven’t heard, it’s about the sudden death of Sheryl’s husband while they were on vacation and the devastating grief and her own resilience to return to life. I haven’t read the book yet, and I will. But, the articles remind me of:

  1. How little we know about what others may be going through.
  2. The power of speaking about our own pain.
  3. The resilience that we can muster for the big and small events of our work-lives.

In a weird way, it may be easier to process the big stuff. It’s so evident, and our colleagues, families, and friends “see” the loss. It’s the smaller, everyday losses that often go unnoticed. And yet, our resilience is crucial to our success and well-being. A disappointing decision or meeting, a reorganization that moves part of our group to someone else, a coveted project that goes to someone else or is cancelled, a challenging not-so-nice discussion with a person with power. These circumstances seem to “put balls in the air” to be managed or accepted.

Event these situation might not sound small. But, how we deal with them is crucial.

What are the situations for which you find your self needing to be resilient?