balance of heartOver the  long holiday weekend here, my husband and I were talking about my son and the parenting work to help him get launched in life. We have known my son would be on a different path than the typical college student. Finding that path is taking some time. And, it is not easy helping an almost 20-year old. So it can be frustrating, very frustrating.

As we were talking about some recent progress, my husband said “He really is a good soul.” The phrase has stuck with me now for several days.

In my work, many clients appropriately talk with me about the people who frustrate them a little to a lot. And I often hear a similar trailing comment like “she’s well-intended” or “he’s a very good person.” That recognition doesn’t erase the frustration or anxiety or even anger. But, if you think about it, maybe we should invoke the acknowledgment more often and intentionally for the people who make us a little crazy.

This week, when you feel that craze, ask yourself “Is she or he a good soul?” See if the answer balances your negative emotion.