Our mothers told us we would get “more bees with honey,” yet in a sometimes critical, withholding world, we often don’t see or take the opportunities to lead with a positive note.

I’m not sure exactly why, but the last two weeks I have been in a bit of an experiment. I have been saying hello and smiling at people I meet in the hallway, elevator, supermarket, and more. It is interesting to see the various reactions of a surprised smile and a cheery hello. And, of course, some people look down and away which seems particularly sad, especially since that might be one of my typical responses when I’m busy thinking.

If we go beyond strangers with our experiment, we could be infusing our work and personal life with a positive lift. Hmm, that might be nice.

Here are a few easy “honey” examples for you to try:

  • Smiles, small and big.
  • Say hello to every person you meet, including your family.
  • Notice something done well and tell the person.
  • Ask the simple question “how are you?”
  • Open the door or hold the elevator for someone.

The cost is $0 plus a little attention.

The pay-off seems to be in three forms:

  1. The attention of the other person.
  2. An opening for another conversation.
  3. A good feeling, for both people.

The value for cost is a no-brainer for me. Why don’t we do these simple things? For me, it’s probably the pile of things I’m thinking about, worrying about, wondering about, and on and on.

Try a little honey this week and notice your results, especially how you feel. Let me know in a comment.

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