I’m back! Back to this blog with some new work I want to share with you.

In the last six months with various clients and my Great Creators Network, I’ve developed some new concentrated thinking on a common mindset about people–those people who we find  difficult. Over the remainder of the summer, join me on this blog to talk about how People Are Funny! It’s not about getting to an answer, but rather about engaging in the question “What would change if we considered the frustrating or confusing people in our lives as “funny”? What would you be able to create? What pathways might emerge?

Choose a person or two in your world and work alongside a cadre of other very smart leaders who have become familiar with my work. You will receive one or two new blog entries each week. Add your comment to my entry or to  others’ responses. We’re going to dig in and learn from each other. It’s all on this blog–at your pace and your schedule.

Check out my People Are Funny chapter in Mary’s Tools & Thinking in the sidebar to the right along with the Critical Relationship Tool.

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