Bullseye by ncoha on FlickrAre you setting goals as a meaning-less or a meaning-ful activity? If the former, here’s a surefire way to set yourself up for a mediocre year:

  1. Update last year’s goals with new numbers and some wordsmything.
  2. Cascade your goals for the organization, your team, or your boss’s goals.
  3. Target what you know you can deliver.

OK, so you can actually start with any one of these three approaches. But, don’t stop there.

A Process to Re-Invigorate

Goal-setting can and should be a process to create a new or renewed vision for the year or longer. Getting clear about what it will take to make those numbers is a rigorous, invigorating process. Just because it’s March 11 (or June 30th) doesn’t mean you can’t jump into the current state of your goals and ask you and your team “If we were successful, what would our reality look like on December 31st ( or January or February 2014)”?

A Process to Uplift You

Your goal-setting should be imbedded with what you want to create for you and your leadership and your career. You might not necessarily write it into your goals, but you may be on the brink of a leadership breakthrough. Getting clear on your commitment to yourSelf is powerful. You, your career, and your results should form the bullseye of your target.

I’ve been working on my goals for a few months now. Getting clear has been difficult this year. In the meantime, my results are humming along (I’m sure yours are too). And, when I get clear, I am certain that amazing things will happen.

Where are you in the process of envisioning a truly remarkable year? Let me know.

P.S. You may want to check out some tools for getting started.