pushpinWhile waiting for an appointment this week, I happened to see a paper tacked to the cubicle wall of a person. It read:

Ability is what you are capable of doing

Motivation determines what you do

Attitude determines how well you do it

I chatted for a few minutes with this person about the statement and how he uses it.

I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

  • At this point in my career, if I don’t’ have the ability I usually learn or pay for that ability.
  • I see tasks for which I am procrastinating that my motivation is flat. What would or should motivate me?
  • I can gauge my attitude by my feelings associated with a specific piece of work. Self-awareness is central to turning an unfruitful attitude around.

Which one of these aspects is in your way of achieving excellence on an important outcome?

Do you have a quick and easy visual like this to remind you during the day? I have a post-it on my monitor with my Three Words for 2015. Now, I’m going to print and keep this one in mind.