Three Key Insights On Transitions and Legacy 

  1. Understanding the founder or CEO’s sense of identity and values is instrumental in allowing the path forward to be determined.
  2. Transitions in control are often launched with great, positive energy, followed by disappointments, reversals, lack of resources and more.
  3. The team often has to be reformed, players replaced, and aligned around the new leader’s vision.

Business Turnaround After A Decade of Losses

A new executive transitions into the head of North American equipment Sales and Marketing for this global company. The region had experienced losses and the team was exhausted and disheartened. We worked with the new leader to:

  • Assess key players, make some key moves, and then build a team with a clear and very challenging vision.
  • Provided counsel on key functions that were “broken” and helped resolve relationship discord.
  • Guide the leader and the team, with mutual respect and trust.

The business turned the profit corner within one year and has had stand-out performance across the global organization, far exceeding financial targets.

Preparing the Next Generation to Lead

A large financial services firm had plateaued. Its leadership was graying and no surging generation of leaders was poised to move the business forward. With our guidance, the President and senior team:

  • Conducted an internal talent search to identify their high potentials.
  • Developed and conducted a leadership development seminar series, involving case analysis and individual coaching.
  • Over time, the firm augmented its leadership team with seminar graduates.

Grooming the next generation and bringing them to the leadership table vitalized the business, resulting in a restructuring and a doubling in size.

Navigating Through Succession

Our long and close advisory relationship with the CEO and founder of a large architectural firm took on a new dimension when the organization faced a new ownership structure. To ensure the senior team understood the issues and were fully prepared for the merger, we facilitated a series of meetings focused on strategy, leadership, and culture change.