Five or ten years ago, could you have imaged that your life would look-and-feel so chaotic?

Tell Me the Truth

  • Do you keep your smart phone by your bedside, on the dinner table, and in the bathroom?
  • Do you feel the pressure of performing to produce more with the same or less resources every day?
  • Does your heart sink and your mind freeze when you think about the lack of time and focus you have for your family?

Time and Technology are Amazing Resources…

…and now, often our worst enemies.

What’s interesting to me when I talk to people about these real challenges is that most people feel as though they are victims of a hard reality. I suggest small changes like “Put your smart phone away when you get home.” “Look at it at a declared time each evening to handle emergencies.” I hear silence, see a blank stare, or listen to a defensive “the company requires me to look at my Blackberry at all times.” I might push a bit with “But, aren’t you at least in charge of deciding how you will behave?”

I recommend isolating the important events and times of day for family and then executing that plan. I receive a confused set of past events or the conversation fast-forwarded to anticipated big disappointments in the far future.

Regarding the crush of requests, I even suggest “No, not now” or “Yes, with a dedicated person on your team…” Often, the “Yes, buts” that follow freeze my brain.

Test Your Assumption of Your Prison Sentence

It’s your world, you are creating it. Yes, indeed, other people and organizations set standards and make requests. And, no, you are not in control of it all. But, at least test your assumption that you are imprisoned by your smart phone, each new request, and the squeeze of your dear children and friends and family between work commitments.

Do it now, today, and tomorrow. If you assumption is correct, fine. If people lay your own anxieties and assumptions back on you, not fine.

Above all, be the creator or your world, your time, and your contribution.