Herb Rappaport

Passive Aggressive. It’s a label we throw around for a direct report, peer or boss who seems to work against us in a maddening way.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Herbert Rappaport, PhD to hear about:

  • A diagnosis embedded in relationship, one he describes as “indirect aggression” and not currently an official, clinical diagnosis.
  • The role of intentionality, with about 50% of passive-aggressive people unconscious in their interaction.
  • Four common behavior patterns that you might experience in your relationship: Forgetfulness, Withholding, Obstruction, and Sarcasm.
  • How a person develops this personality trait in their family of origin.
  • Five strategies you can use for greater success with the common “Who me?” victimization. Get ready for a new way to interact that Dr. Rappaport calls “benign perplexity.”
    • Be Very Specific.
    • Not-in-Public.
    • Be “Dependent.”
    • Manage Your Own Frustration.
    • And, finally (but not with bosses), the Knock-It-Off strategy.

Enjoy the recording. I hope you find it as enlightening as I did. Let me know what struck you! Or, ask a question below. Find out more about Dr. Herb Rappaport here.