Freedmo IsThis weekend was Passover, and we hosted a seder for fifteen at our house. The story of the Jewish slaves regaining their freedom from Egypt is a powerful one. In all the food courses, song, readings, and children desperately trying to find the Alfikomen (a piece of hidden matzo) for a reward—I didn’t think about what freedom means to me until yesterday.

The following four freedoms are important to me:

  1. Am I free to explore ideas and think on my own?
  2. Am I free to be who I am with my family, friends, and clients?
  3. Am I free to speak with responsible candor with my people?
  4. Am I free to make decisions about my life and career?

For all four, I am blessed to have created and live with a tremendous sense of freedom.

What freedom is  important to you? How free do you feel ?