At Mavis & Company, we are seasoned advisors to senior leaders in…

…diagnosing and executing on

                     …leadership, team and organization

                                         …problems and opportunities.

We are about creating remarkable results with you and your team.

Three Key Scenarios That Often Precede Our Engagements

We often are engaged when an over-arching business or organizational challenge emerges, including:

  1. A growth imperative, whether self-imposed or demanded by external factors.
  2. A change or transformation imperative that requires leadership, organization, or culture shifts that are not intuitive or without complexity.
  3. A slump or disruption in results, creating an imperative that requires diagnosis and careful and swift intervention.

These organizational realities uncover or create an urgency to the work.

Typical Presenting Issues

Each engagement is unique, the situation, the organization and the people. Some of the typical issues that are in our “sweet spot” include :

  1. Accelerated, Steep Goals—When the leader’s intended outcomes require a new vision, plan, relationships, capability, and/or behaviors—maybe even new players. Insights and Case Examples
  2. Complexity and Conflict—When a leader, a top team, or a critical project team recognize that challenging relationships, competing interests, or simply the ever-increasing complexity of doing business is a impeding factor to success. Insights and Case Examples
  3. Leadership Set-Backs or Gaps—When the challenge sits squarely in the leader’s lap with a capability gap, a blind spot, or a recurring derailing style that is now imperative to re-develop. Insights and Case Examples
  4. Transitions and Legacy—When a change in leadership or impending retirement heightens the needs to get ready for a seamless transition, finalize legacy-building, or reset the team membership and roles. Insights and Case Examples
  5. An Under-Developed Leadership “Tier”—When a critical role or level of leadership is isolated as important for specific development in one of our key learning areas. Insights and Case Examples

We work with you to understand the current state, design the desired future state, and orchestrate the path to reach that desired outcome. We are your thinking partner at each step of the way.

Our Clients Are Exceptional Leaders and People

We are not for everyone. We recognize that a great engagement ensues when the fit between the client and advisors is immediate and strong. We do our best work with leaders who are:

  • Smart about their business, function, and industry/sector
  • Clear that people matter to the results of their organization
  • Self-aware enough so that they are open to advice or input
  • Motivated to make changes at the executive, team and organizational levels
  • Willing to “partner” with us in the thinking work and the implementation of solutions

And, of course, there must be a sense of urgency and commitment to the desired outcome for the organization.

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