You may have your goals set and your budget in place for 2017. But, are you ready to drive remarkable results? Remarkable results are clear outcomes that:

  1. Are exactly what you want to create–you can clearly see the intended future.
  2. Have a high degree of uncertainty, not just a “stretch” goal.
  3. Require you (and your team) to take each step consciously and deliberately to uncover what is possible.

Now, are you ready to start creating remarkable results? Here are five key questions to consider:

  1. What is the future “picture of success” for my potential remarkable results?
  2. What are the barriers, distractions, or counter-forces that will challenge the team or me as a leader?
  3. What are my team’s strengths to leverage or their capabilities to develop?
  4. Who are the key stakeholders outside of my team who must be on-board?
  5. What do I need to learn as a leader?

It’s all too easy to simply get busy working on key goals; most of us are more comfortable in the work than the planning. But if you have big things you want to achieve, it is critical to take the planning time before you launch your team into the year. Anticipate who and what will be challenging. And, think about the team learning that is tied to the remarkable result, not all that could be developed.

I love the fifth question. This question is not a simple “what should be on my development plan?” Rather, think deeply and strategically. Be honest about your vulnerabilities. Choose the hard ones that will really matter. When you land on the one or two key learnings, you will likely have a surge of new energy. If you share those with your team (or engage them in the discussion), you will transfer that energy to them.