Are you quiet by nature? The kind of person who gets the job done without a lot of splashing about?

Do you:

  • Create loyal followers, appreciative peers, and invisible bosses.
  • Think deeply and strategically about the work and the people?
  • Coach people and generate ideas for excellence?
  • Get the work done in a way that creates reputation for the whole?

At the end of the day, you can be satisfied with your results and your relationships. You can have created an amazing team environment. But, if nobody in your up-and-around really gets what you are doing (or, who you are), you have left a large measure of personal power on the table.

You shouldn’t have to toot-your-own-horn. It’s not about bragging. People and bosses should notice and recognize you. But, if there is:

  1. Too much competing and louder noise for other leaders,
  2. Little natural line-of-sight to you and your work and team,
  3. A personal distaste for asking for that attention or recognition.

…then, you will have to find an authentic way to become more visible. Shine the light on the work and people. Step into the light with more stories about how results were created, by you and by the team.

Being under the radar screen can be useful from time to time, but over time the consequence of invisibility can rush in at the worst times.