Last week, I shared my three words, one of which is intentional. Over the week, I’ve been noticing the opportunities to be more intentional. From the obvious work meetings and phone calls to conversations with my husband and family to the less obvious greetings, driving, cooking, getting ready, etc. Here are some of my reflections and new/old awarenesses:

  1. Intention is sandwiched between Attention and Action. To be more intentional, I need to pay attention much more carefully and clarify my intention before I take an action.  So, it looks like: Attention—Intention—Action.
  2. My day is made up of many segments.  Some segments are tiny (brushing my teeth), others are small (walking to a meeting), medium (a phone call or one-hour meeting), and large (a half-day event). The small sometimes have tiny sub-segments, the medium and large usually have tiny, small, and sometimes medium sub-segments.
  3.  Three types of attention keep me focused. For important segments, it is best to plan ahead, being very clear about what I want to create. Regardless of the segment, I sometimes found myself, in a split-second, realizing that I need to be intentional now. Stopping myself and being able to direct my next move is sometimes easy and other times not so easy. Or, when I find myself off-track, things not working the way I wanted, I find myself pulling back to re-think what I want and what I need to do next.
  4. The barriers are obvious and not so obvious. Of course, multi-tasking (the everyday yet evil practice) makes being intentional challenging.  Two surprises I found were a) moving fast—either in my thinking or body and b) mind-body health–I have been sick with a cold/cough for the last three weeks and that reality has factored in. Also, when under stress, I suspect it is much more challenging to plan, stop, and reflect on what we want to create.

So, this week I will be crafting my intention as much as possible for important segments, catching opportunities for intentional action, and moving a lot more slowly.

Pay attention this week and let me know what you notice!