Last week, I was catching up with a long-time client and she reminded me of a very simple framework to stimulate and organize  what you want to create. It’s completely complementary with last week’s Three Words. We all have a long list of to-dos and desires that can generate outcomes.  Here’s the way most of us start our annual planning:

What do I need or want to DO this year?

I want to build my team. I need to develop a new strategy. I want to go to my son’s soccer games. I need to revamp the process for X, Y, or Z. We actually think of these as results. And, they are one  type of result: completion results.

Here’s my framework to generate and crystallize what you want this year:


Think about how you want to BE this year as a leader, parent, sibling, spouse, etc. Along with being helpful this year (one of my Three Words), I am focusing on BEing kind, creative,and  courageous.

Consider what you want to HAVE in outcomes. These are the concrete results. I want a renewed and committed support team for my business. I want a smooth transition to a new home. I want a new set of compelling case studies to go along with new learning. And more.

Then, consider what you must DO during 2014 and what you’re not going to do (even more important). The priority  DOs should support or drive how you want to BE and what you wan to HAVE. So, I’ll be drafting plan for gathering case studies, hiring people to support my move and business. And, so much more.

Thank you Kirsten for reminding me of a good, old, and simple framework. It’s fun to have you remind me of my own work!

Now, if this resonates with you, set your 2014 goals aside and re-think how you want to BE—HAVE—DO this year.