red moonLast night, we were fortunate to see the “red” moon. The first miracle was that we remembered to peer out of our front door at all. The second miracle was the beauty of a moon we so often take for granted.

In the press of everyday life, it is just these kinds of occurrences that make me stop in awe of this universe we live within.

As a child I remember looking at my hand with the same sense of awe, thinking “how is it possible that this hand exists with such complexity?” Looking up at the Brooklyn Bridge or the cathedral in Cologne or a whirring humming bird, I am in awe of this world.

And, what about our work and the people with whom we work? Today, I am stopping to be in awe of how fortunate I am to be doing the work I am doing, supporting myself.

Stop to be in awe of the very fact that you have the exact job you have—that it actually exists. Look around at the people with whom you are fortunate enough to employ, create with, or learn from.

What a privilege we might experience as we move through our day with that sense of awe.