feetMy recent days have expanded from the usual busy mix of work and home to include a week-long visit from my father, decisions on home lighting and new doorknobs, an advancement on my thinking around career planning by manager and direct reports, an association election, and more.

None of those extra focus areas are particularly complex, problematic, or troubling. They are simply extra and require me to be present to the person or task.

As my mind drifts from the present to the next day or creates some anxiety about when I’ll get back to “X,” I’ve been thinking to myself:

“Be Where My Feet Are”

Rather than being half in my body, my mind somewhere else, I am working on being exactly where I am, doing what I’m doing—right now (typing this post).

So, if you are on vacation, be on vacation. If you are on the subway, be there. If you are having coffee with your colleague, be there.

And, when you notice that “you” are not where your feet are, you can bring yourself back or change where your feet need to be.