creativity diagrammingAre you feeling weighed down by your calendar of meetings? Are you facing some tough deadlines or decisions? Is your energy a little low? Whether your answer is yes or no, you can try a little creativity to boost your energy.

This weekend, I had some critical thinking to do in order to be prepared for a meeting today. Rather than sitting at my computer, I took my file and my big 8.5 X11 pad of paper to the dining room table and a pencil. And, I began to draw. Boxes, circles, arrows and lines began to show my current thinking. New questions, ideas and insights began to appear as I sat and reflected on the picture that was emerging.

To be honest, I had to keep putting aside all thoughts of the efficiency of going back to my office and opening up a new document.

I already know that we think better when we draw a picture that allows both sides of our brain to “see.” I use this technique in much of my work with leaders and teams. So, I expected the outcome to be more valuable.

What was remarkable was the new energy I felt. My brain was not just working, it felt free and easy. And, I spent only 45 minutes.

So, try a little creativity today. Let your thinking spill out on a big sheet of paper. Maybe you only have ten minutes. Maybe you can get your team or colleague in on the thinking. Let me know if you find that you boost your outcomes and your energy.