I am on vacation this week!  And, I am giving myself a break by reposting this piece. It’s two years old yet forms the foundation of much of my work. Enjoy!


Take a look around you in the next ten minutes. Observe the individual people and the organization or world context. And, tell me if you don’t find some funniness or craziness.

Now, you might tell me you don’t find the people funny, necessarily. But, what I’m suggesting is that you turn your lens a bit and see if you can simply be curious about what and how that person is the way s/he is. Query what you know and don’t know.

Listen to a few recent examples in my life!

You don’t need to think about earthquakes, wars, and company implosions. They are all crazy. You can focus on the latest re-org, the implementation of a new process, or just the everyday stream of calls, emails, and people.
As with the people, your ability to be a dispassionate observer of data with the intent to use that data is where your power lies.

In my mantra of People are Funny, and the World is Crazy, what I’m really doing is reminding myself that it is only my resistance to the reality I don’t particularly like that stops me from finding a creative or strategic pathway to success. Take a look at this picture from Koyaanisquatsi, a unique movie from 1983 that depicts the layering of technology on nature–and the speed of our urban world–is this how your brain sometimes feels?

Right now—think of a person who is important to your success but makes you a little nutty or a situation that drives you crazy. Now, see if you can get curious and interested rather than upset, annoyed, and angry. Lay out the data and put your thinking skills to work!

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