Party HatWe hosted a great party this weekend. We know because people started telling us that we had a great idea before they arrived. Then, they told us shortly into and throughout the party how much fun they were having. And, they left very late declaring that the party must be replicated—just the way it was.

In reflection, I think there were three main elements to making it great:

  1. Contributing something personal—Each person was asked to forward his or her top 5 favorite songs prior to the party so that I could make a playlist. Some people had a ball just creating their lists. A few gave me many more than five—identifying the rule breakers in the group.
  2. Sharing our uniqueness—From fourteen people, we only have three duplicate songs. It was interesting to see the differences in the song choices. Throughout the evening, a song would come on and a person would shout out “That’s my song!!
  3. Moving to each other’s beat—We danced the night away, singing together in pairs, groups and occasionally alone— enjoying the camaraderie through decades of music.

My question is “Could work be more fun?”

I know it’s not a party, nor should it be. That’s why it’s called work. But, if you brought more of these three elements into the workweek or a meeting, would people come away feeling more connected? More productive?