Any experience is made up of three aspects: 1) how you think, 2) how you feel, and 3) what happens.

Most of us are conditioned early in life to believe that we are not in control of any of these three things. We can act consciously, but not control what happens. And that is true-to an extent. If we get quiet, we notice our racing thoughts; feelings leap into our body; and who-knows-how-these-things-happen. Yet we all have more actual ability to direct our thoughts, channel or generate our feelings and bring into existence what we desire. What’s required? Clear intention and then attention to the present moment.

Try this: take a 4X6 card and divide it into four parts: Think, Feel, Have, Do. Now write some bullet points that state what you are committed to creating. Be as specific as is your desire. Carry the card with you and peek at it periodically during the day. See and take opportunities as they emerge during the day to meet your intended outcomes. At the end of the day, note your successes and what got in the way of the rest.  Did you create anything that would not necessarily have occurred without your intention? Go ahead, take ten minutes and play with creating your next experience or day!

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