Are you checking your favorite online media source first thing each morning—and then intently scanning those “Google” alerts that pepper your email throughout the day? Me too. Last week as I launched my business, a practice centered on helping you and your team crystallize and achieve your goals, I thought “Could I have picked a worse time?” Yet, while many around me pointed to the gloomy horizon, I felt a quiet confidence—and a strong sense of deja vous. It was during a time of similar ambiguity when I forfeited my comfortable status of “employee” for the thrill and uncertainty of “going out on my own.” The subsequent success that I created taught me an important lesson: if you let others dictate the “right” time, your goals may go unrealized, or to put a new spin on an old adage—nothing ventured, nothing changed.

Now is exactly the right time to reach for something remarkable—a new opportunity or pathway to success, or simply not taking our eye off the ball. But how do we overcome the fear?

  • Begin each day with a “no fear” mantra. Don’t talk about how bad it is or allow scary stories to thwart your zeal. Don’t escalate your visceral fear—our physical triggers can be our silent enemy. Rather, use the facts and ideas that arise in these conversations to inform your future. Find a way to build hope through action.
  • Get clear about what you want to accomplish. Even if there is valid reason to be fearful in your current or near-term reality, you can affect your future quicker if you crystallize your end result. See if you can envision a new or revised target—one made stronger through your commitment.
  • Stay real about your current reality. What is the current state of your personal or business situation? Nothing is gained by putting your head in the sand; whereas much is gained by knowing where you are. Fully acknowledging and accepting your current state can inform you about the need for course corrections throughout the journey.
  • Recognize where your “safety” lies. Ultimately, your only safety (and I mean only) lies in your capabilities, your ideas, your commitment, your ingenuity, and your belief in yourself and your team. Stay strong and no one can take these things away from you. More importantly, they give you the means to move and progress.

Above all, when external worries threaten, brandish your secret weapon—align your thinking with your intended results and then monitor the way you feel in each interaction. Imagine if your daily question were: how might I be the next Warren Buffet in my world?