Thank you for subscribing to my blog as we begin to talk about how People Are Funny! As we talk about the funny people in our work and lives, you may find the attached tool Critical Relationship Profile useful. This tool is simple in that it provides a format for “downloading” all of your observations and knowledge about someone whom you want to understand better. As with many Mavis & Company tools, it may be simple and obvious, but you have to do the hard work of thinking once you’ve completed the tool.

So, here’s how to get started.

  1. Click on the link Critical Relationship Profile-Blank and save the tool onto your computer.
  2. Create an electronic copy for key people–or–simply print it out and use it as a guide for your own note-taking.
  3. Insert your information about the person into the tool or your notebook.
  4. Think about what frustrates you, confuses you, intrigues you about the person; and, see whether your information helps you gain new understanding. Or, maybe you will find you don’t know very much about someone…then, take the plunge and begin to ask more questions and be more observant and curious.

Then, join the conversation on my blog or send me an email at   with your experience.