Today, let’s take a break from analyzing relationships.

You likely won’t remember that one of my three words for 2015 is Health. To support being healthier, last week I renewed a practice of yoga, something I started in my twenties but have been long away from.

The instructor started the class with some soothing words…very yogi like…and suggested that if we wanted to dedicate our practice that evening to someone we could bring them to our mind. I immediately though of my son, my husband, and two dear family members.

Then she said, “Or, maybe you want to dedicate tonight to yourself.” Now there is a novel idea. Dedicate a healing hour to my Self? I was actually in the room for myself. So I did.

And, I haven’t stopped dedicating a segment of time to myself all week. At first I thought, “OK, I’ll dedicate this treadmill walk-run to myself.” But, I quickly advanced to think “What if I dedicated this important client meeting to myself?” The meeting is really about them, but I love the work. Then on to “What about this drive and stop-for-errands?” When I had a toddler underfoot, errands alone in my car was my special time. “What about this perusal of my new Frommer’s guide to Italy?” Simple strings of moments.

I am struck by the value of taking some part of my day and acknowledging my own intention to experience the time just for me. It feels very loving of myself with I guess I don’t do much (or enough) of that.

Today, I dedicate this post to you and me.