Do you need to “defrag” your mind?

I’ve been watching people lately in all venues with their minds seemingly inside their cellphones.  It’s striking that people seem imbedded in their email and text “conversations” while:

  • Walking to the soccer field,
  • Just seemingly walking in the park,
  • Having dinner with their sweetheart,
  • Talking to people they value, in business and in the most important relationships.
  • In the car, of course;
  • And, occasionally in the bathroom (!).

My son says his friends are incredulous that we don’t allow texting at the dinner table…really?! It is such an experience…not about texting, more about relationship.

Then again, I watch myself, and I wonder how much I model a better way of being.

  • When I have a minute waiting at the bank, it’s not easy to just stand and wait. I can do it, but it feels torturous.
  • At this very moment, I am watching the Phillies embarrass themselves, and getting this blog out so that I can make dinner, then do emails, then check my clothes for my vacation …whew…and checking every fifteen minutes or so to see if there is anything new from my realtor.
  • Worst case is checking your iPhone and then checking your iPad as well…they are synced, as you know.
  • Or in the unlikely event that I don’t have any emails, I might keep checking until you send me one?

Remember a time you woke up without an alarm clock and just laid in bed allowing your mind to float in and out…and languishing in remnant dream images and random thoughts. It doesn’t count if you lean over and check you emails!  Just allow your brain to move at its own speed…

Or maybe you love the ocean, because you can “lose” yourself your mind in the waves. I must admit, this is  my personal favorite. Or a walk in the woods where you need to be hands free…cell free.

It’s a little like defragging your computer. Our computer gets “gummed” up over time. I don’t know exactly what defragging does in the computer, but I highly recommend defragging as a family or relationship practice.

Here’s the thing to practice…stay in a conversation without multi-tasking. Be silent for 5 minutes when waiting in line. Be honest…and, notice when you are not present–and bring yourself back to what or who is in front of you. Practice induces sanity.

Let me know what you experience in your practice in a comment.

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