A bit old, and my son would kill me, but it's the spirit.

I’m not particularly a fan of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and all the holidays that require a $5 card (and maybe a gift) with pressure to get it there in time. But yesterday was Mother’s Day in the U.S., and I received exactly what I wanted, as well as a surprise.

Ask for What You Want

I really only wanted a Sunday morning breakfast prepared and cleaned up by my son and my man. I made my wishes clear. I didn’t necessarily want presents, but I got three. The first two were physical, a great garden hat and a necklace. The third was emotional, the look on my son’s face when I opened the necklace he purchased. A beaming, broad smile leaning over the breakfast table. It was a joy!

Give What is Desired

I was so happy that my wishes were granted. I didn’t want a card, and I didn’t get one. When the story was told of the necklace purchase, it was perfect. They listened to the shop owner’s advice and filtered everything through “what she’ll like.” And, it didn’t break my son’s bank. I felt honored, because so often we get gifts that are more about the giver than us.

People are funny, and so am I. Unlike other mothers, I wouldn’t have wanted a lunch at the Four Seasons, a big adventure, or even a full day with EVERYONE there. After breakfast, I gardened by myself, we went to the gym, and did a smattering of other regular Sunday activities. It was perfect for me.

Feel the Intention Behind It All

And, I felt truly loved and appreciated. That was indeed the best part of the day. People listened to me, thought about me, loved me, and left me to my own.

If we take these reflections back into the office, I offer three questions for you to ask yourself. What have you not asked for that you really want? What can you deliver to delight someone, thinking about their interests alone? How can you appreciate someone so that they really get it?