First, by the term “posse,” I am not talking about a group that somehow attempts to enforce the law. I am talking about a group of people who come together naturally with the same interests and form a bond of sorts.

Eighteen months ago I moved my residence. And, while I have a strong handful of friends scattered across the country, I created an intention to find some new friends in my new location.

I joined a book club in my neighborhood (never been a joiner), asked a neighbor to lunch (easier for me), and found myself rather quickly with four new friends having dinner monthly (followed the lead on this one). We began texting funny commentary on politics, our neighborhood, and our own lives. I didn’t even know who the texts were coming from at first, because I didn’t have their cell numbers in my Contacts. And, I’d only used texting for my son and occasional family members.

As an observer, my husband said to me one day “You’ve got a posse!” For years, I had heard of his youth experience with his group of friends in Brooklyn and his tennis “posse” for the last 30 years. I thought, “Yes, I have a posse.”

Since I work independently, I don’t have the typical co-worker relationships. My clients and  few colleagues provide those relationships. But, my posse reminded me of days past when many of my friends were colleagues at the same firm.

With the pressure of getting the work done, it seems people meet with people mostly out of necessity.  I began to wonder if the same kinds of casual, small group, fun friendships exist as readily in organizations now.

Consider the impact of allowing a posse of sorts to emerge at work for you. Here is what I can imagine, a small group that:

  1. Meets periodically and communicates spontaneously.
  2. Has fun, makes jokes, laughs, and enjoys each other.
  3. Has each other’s “back.”
  4. Pushes each other’s thinking, not necessarily directly, but through candor.
  5. Is as non-judgmental as human beings can be.
  6. Is ready to spring to action, for a common interest or support of a posse member.

This posse experience is new to me, so I might be assuming too much this early in the game. But, based on this early experience, I am actually thinking of creating at least one or two more posses. the challenge is that one can’t just set a posse up. The real magic happens because the people come together naturally.

What about you? How would you benefit from a posse at work?