49723877Three Key Insights On Reaching Big Goals

  1. Remarkable results are possible when people challenge the team’s thinking, look into future possibility, and then align with a shared goal.
  2. Creating a crystal clear picture of the future against the current state develops performance tension and fuels the team.
  3. Shared accountabilities across and between team members are reality, but are all too often undefined.

Early Product Team Accelerates Go-No Go Decisions

A senior executive was chartered to develop a new co-led early product organization, with R&D and Commercial leads by product area. The business outcome was to accelerate the go-no go decision for early products, creating a strategic focus to the pipeline. We helped this leader and team:

  • Create a vision of a senior team highly committed to outcomes across all areas.
  • Implement a “board” meeting approach to team meetings with collective ownership.
  • Develop a decision tool to assess products against strategic fit (e.g., commercial viability and disease area, etc.)
  • Individually and collectively “raise their game” in influencing R&D stakeholders.

The team made a significant impact on the strategic direction of the company’s pipeline in both quality and speed of go-no go decisions.

New Team Engagement Required to Meet Big Goals

A leadership team had to be prepared for four product launches in a complex product area and regulatory environment. We worked with each leader of that team, individually and as a team to:

  • Challenge each other in a spirit of ownership and partnership.
  • Take their leadership game to a new level, each leader building on strengths and identifying one or two areas for growth.
  • Remain united when the next wave of organizational change hit, staying focused on the results of the larger team.

Two of the four products were launched successfully for a big win for the team and company. The other two were advanced on a modified time line, based on regulatory requirements.

Forecasting and Managing Resistance

A global energy company’s projects were too often sidetracked by resistance from local town and planning boards. We worked with project leaders to:

  • Proactively strategize issues that might surface in a given community
  • Plan responses and build time and budget into project plans to address possible detours.

Armed with a better understanding of a community’s issues, project teams developed a more inclusive perspective that turned potential community combatants into problem-solving partners.