Over the last few weeks, I have worked with clients on career planning, senior presentations and personal impact. What struck me across all the work was an opportunity to “let go” of an old story we have about ourselves—a limiting story.

The story we tell ourselves could be small-and-limiting or big-and-limiting. Here are a few I heard:

“I am the—

  • Numbers person, not the strategic influencer.”
  • Young leader among seasoned leaders.”
  • Problem-solver, not the big-picture thinker.”
  • Winner, not the coach of winners.”
  • Location-locked leader.”
  • Solo-preneur, not the big firm” (OK, that’s my own limiting story)

Sometimes the story is based in historical truth. But, sometimes we are making up a story that isn’t even true. Other times, we are breathing life into someone else’s story about us. Whatever the case, we can recreate or reshape or eliminate the story that limits our present or future. We might only need to take a look at reality, ask for feedback, or decide for ourselves to start living a new story, one thought and one action to the next.

What’s the story you tell yourself about you that is limiting?