Three Key Insights On Complexity and Conflict

  1. The “devil is in the details.” Facts of all kinds drive new understanding, new ideas, and alignment.
  2. Acceptance of a crazy, complex world is required now—the new question is how to manage into that world.
  3. Discord between perspectives can create personal anxiety—which often creates fear—which deters new thinking and openness.

A Siloed Team Adopts Collaborative Approach to Results

A new senior executive for a Finance leadership team assessed his team as being siloed in their work with palpable internal competitiveness at the Director level. The functional leads had never worked as a team and had new business critical cross-functional results to produce. We worked with the team to:

  • Develop a mission, shared accountabilities, strategic priorities, stakeholder map, and operating norms.
  • Tracked progress on outcomes and provided individual and paired coaching as needed.
  • Develop new leadership capability and a sense of team accountability.

The team has a far more strategic approach, has built new trust, worked collaboratively, and has put in place a robust stakeholder management process. Team results have exceeded targets.

Joint-Venture Leadership Teams Find A New Synergy

Two pharmaceutical companies had been working for over one year in a joint venture to bring a new drug candidate to market. While the financial deal and organization chart were clear, how they needed to work together was not. Two very different senior executives were in the lead of the joint project through separate teams. The companies had two very different organizational cultures. We interview a wide set of leaders across both teams and brought the teams together to;

  • Collaborate on what was working and what was not.
  • Create a breakthrough together that established a shared accountability between both teams to truly work the politics and decision processes inside both companies.

We illuminated the opportunity as a way to reduce the tension. They produced the product result with a highly successful launch.

National Foundation Takes A Strategic Impact Approach

A highly strategic President declares a new expectation—the work of the foundation focus on strategic impact. In a non-profit world, too often the focus is on funding good work, not ensuring the outcome is delivered. We worked with the President and the leadership team to:

  • “Map” out a picture of how they would create true outcomes through their grants.
  • Determine decision accountability by senior role, which delivered the decision to the right person(s).
  • Resolve relationship tensions and performance problems.

The team is recognized in the foundation world for it’s strategic focus and is tracking real outcomes rather than work completed.