What is your team culture? What are the team’s shared values/beliefs, ways of thinking, and ways of interacting with each other? In any team, there are likely some that support success and others that don’t.

Remarkable results are beyond “stretch,” when a team reaches outcomes that were intended but highly uncertain.

What is the culture that supports remarkable results? Here are seven that I propose—

  1. Thinking Big, being brave enough to test the limits of conventional thinking—together.
  2. Shared Accountability, Being clear on individual primary accountability and shared accountability (and credit) with team members and the team as a whole.
  3. Collaborative, consciously seeking, encouraging and working with healthy debate to the good of the remarkable result.
  4. 360 Feedback and Coaching, everyone feeling empowered and responsible to solicit, give, and receive useful information.
  5. Cohesive, seeing team member stress or discord and taking care of the well-being of each other.
  6. Relationships, taking the time to know each other and those key players outside of the team.
  7. Sum Bigger Than The Parts, actively striving to use the total talent of team members and others.

What have I missed?

Can cultures be “shifted?” Not so sure. However, I do believe a culture can “evolve intentionally.” But, I do know you cannot announce the culture or think that it’s the staff who have to evolve. The team leader must model the new cultural aspect, and everyone must act, engage, and monitor. Hmm, maybe that is why cultural evolution is so tough, even when a remarkable result is in the crosshairs.

Note, we haven’t even touched the cultural differences across geography, ethnicity, etc. Challenging work, but worth the effort.

Where is there opportunity for a more intentional team development on your team?