wow-384876_640This month I am having conversations with some folks about what “remarkable” results they might consider for 2015. By remarkable, I mean envisioning some outcome that is “exactly what you want to create.” That outcome doesn’t have to be big necessarily.  By remarkable, you are targeting something that is highly desired and uncertain.

In our ever busy  day-to-day, it’s easy to cast the future with an upgrade from the prior year. 10-20 percent higher or lower. Implementation of the next generation of that process or system. You know what I”m saying.

in order to think about “remarkable,” you often have to get above your role, department, or even organization. Think about the bigger problem or opportunity.

And, you have to step out of all the rationale and skepticism and think possibility.

Your remarkable results could be:

  • A key result that has eluded your team or only referenced (for fear of accountability).
  • A new or rejuvenated relationship.
  • A much more vibrant external network and internal network of people with whom you “play.”
  • Greater visibility or a stronger reputation (again internal or external).
  • An innovation that would rock your industry.
  • A whole new balance of time for you, your family, and friends.
  • Learning something new, exciting, and challenging.

In what areas of your work-life are those one or two potential remarkable results?