Career planning means different things to most of us. To some it means, “what is my next job?” To others, it means “when will I retire?” But, most of us keep the future somewhat to very fuzzy. Think about how hard it is to get really clear about a work goal. It’s even harder to think about how you want your life path to unfold. Our approach directs you to merge your personal and career lifeline or timeline. Reflect on your past “line.” Get clear about what your strengths and desires are for your work and life. And, then create some alternative futures that help crystallize your next segment of career-life and the potential paths you might follow.

Below, I’ve shown a simplified version of my own timeline and future vision.


“Mary was instrumental in pushing me to work through a review of lifelong experiences, clarification of my leadership style, and a definition of the value which I bring to an organization.“
Ina Kamenz, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, ThermoFisher Scientific