Kindness-TwainIn a recent client group discussion, we were talking about the reality that we never know what a colleague may have going on in the background of work.

  • A fear, conscious or unconscious.
  • A weakness that is in the limelight.
  • A dis-ability–some required ability that is particularly hard to perform.
  • A burden that weighs on spirit.

My son has Tourette’s and significant ADHD challenges. He had a very hard time attending in school, getting started on homework, and sustaining any type of project. Fortunately, he was never teased. He was gregarious and always well liked by a wide set of friends.

The only good thing about his disability was that it gave us a wonderful way of talking with him about being kind to others. His Tourette’s was not so noticeable. As he moved into middle school, he could keep it together until he got home. Then, he might light up like a set of holiday lights, unloading the strain of holding back the urge of repetitive movements. We always had evidence of his hard day.

This week move through your world of colleagues remembering that you don’t and can’t know what lies behind a person’s work life. Likely not Tourettes, but it may be a child, parent, physical condition, or financial pressure. Then, think about just how challenging the work is and the timelines….

None of us are as together as we present to the world. All of us have something that creates pressure or barriers to our own success. As we often do for ourselves, we can create a little space and kindness for others.