Our rich content knowledge, deep expertise, and practical, intuitive tools and frameworks enable clients to build understanding and achieve breakthroughs in four particular areas:

The Art of Getting Really Clear

Clarity is, at best, illusive. We use language to describe our ideas, goals, expectations, feedback, etc. And through our words, dialogue, and heads nodding in agreement, we often assume shared understanding. However, to ensure the right action, we must think deeply about our desired results. Too often, teams and leaders move down the path of a project without rigorously defining their intent—and making sure everyone understands and interprets the intent in the same way.

Ensuring that level of clarity—as close to crystal clear as possible—will create a dynamic “pull” in the project and allow team members to see and act on opportunities far sooner.

At Mavis & Company, we recommend a way of thinking and some simple tools to support you and your team in developing really clear ideas, goals, and communications. Check out our module on Getting Really Clear or join us on the next webinar!

Understanding and Influencing Key Stakeholders

Have a difficult business partner, customer, or counterpart? Wish you knew what to do to make them do what you want? If it were only that simple…

Our human tendency is to will others to comply by asking and doing—often repeatedly. Sometimes we have the power to ask and receive. However, when position power or “compelling” data analysis is insufficient to drive results, the impetus must be found on the people side of the equation—how to use  influencing to get what you need, move a project ahead, reach the objective. At Mavis & Company, we think about influencing not as “winning friends” or “manipulating roadblocks.” Rather, influencing is about developing a keen sense of the people who are key to accomplishing your targeted result—and then using that understanding to engage them in your effort.

In fact, these folks are your “co-creators.” And as we focus on creating results, we work with you to adopt that view so you can bring them to a true and shared accountability with you. We employ a toolkit of questions that you can use to gain insight and understanding, allowing you to think anew about each person. Join us in our webinar and get our toolkit!

Re-Habiting or Re-Wiring a Vulnerability

Are you upset or annoyed about some piece of feedback you received? Or, are you trying desperately to help one of your direct reports develop a critical capability? Do you wonder why traditional training seminars make changing one’s leadership capability sound so easy? Especially when we know that real change is always difficult.

Here’s how we think about it. Once a weakness, or “vulnerability” to failure, or a missed opportunity is identified, we have several ways to approach a desired change.

  1. Sometimes people just need some new awareness or new knowledge to fill in a gap.
  2. More complex or established development requires at least some conscious re-habiting—putting some new actions into place overtime.
  3. When a way of thinking or set of behaviors is “wired” into how a successful person works, our focus is on loosening those wires—with clear intent—working toward some re-wiring.

We’re realistic. We know perfection in human beings is non-existent. And, we know that amazing change can be made.

Clear Conversations

Maybe we’ll be working on this until the end of time. Despite myriad performance management training and books on critical conversations, most have not nailed how to be clearer and more effective in achieving “intent” in conversations.

In our book, the solution is not summoning the courage for a tough talk, or treating the conversation as crucial, it’s providing useful information, in a non-judgmental way, at a time that allows for effectiveness. Our approach supports and builds on all the work you’ve done so far with a focus on:

  1. Distinguishing the type of conversation,
  2. Getting the information right, and
  3. Having a specific intent or outcome in your mind.

We target three conversations: Setting Expectations, Giving Feedback, and Coaching for Results. Each conversation is distinct. If you have other conversations in mind, perhaps about career or compensation, we can help you construct those conversations for your particular organization.

Check out our webinar or contact us to talk about using our online and in-person development. We can tailor the material for you and deliver intranet-ready materials for just-in-time use by your employees.