Photo by Mary (Mavis) Rappaport

We are on our third day of a weekend of fishing and baseball on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. We rented a place for the month of October so that we could really fish. Not just a day trip, but the kind of fishing where you go out for an hour just to see whether there is any action. Long weekends and virtual workdays, when possible.

Saturday we spent the day “getting the lay-of-the-land.” They were catching buckets full on the jetty at Barnegat Light (the jetty at dusk in the picture here). And, while we tried, we couldn’t get anyone knowledgeable to give us some tips on spots for surfcasting. We did find beach access of many kinds–short, long, and arduous.

At the end of the day, we sat in the bar at Kubel’s and watched Roy Halladay and the Phillies pull in a win. Lots of high-fives around the bar, with only a few Yankees fans secretly plotting our demise.

Day two, we set out to catch our dinner! If you’ve fished, you know that success is largely about being in the right place at the right time. Apparently, there was no such place and time yesterday. I caught the only two tiny bluefish. Catching was still good, throwing back was annoying.

We did enjoy the experience. The beach, the sky, the waves and wind. We soaked in the beauty of nature, and the ocean soaked me (too lazy to wear my wadders).

At the end of the day, we were frustrated, thinking maybe this just isn’t the same beach fishing that we have known at Island Beach State Park. We considered logging in to see what John was reporting at Betty & Nick’s Bait and Tackle there. We asked ourselves, “Do we really want to find out that they are “killing them?” But, we did take a look…and, what do you know? They were skunked too. High fives all around, maybe there’s hope for LBI after all.

Then the Phillies lose the second game in the series. How did that happen to Cliff Lee? And, how do these amazing pitchers keep getting up to that mound and throwing the ball–with the whole world watching? I am in awe.

So what do fishing and baseball have to do with business? Not much, but there are a few lessons I am taking back from this weekend.

  1. Pick your spot or change your spot, but mostly fully be in your spot.
  2. Keep fishing and pitching. You can check your line. You can mumble a few choice words. Then, get back in the game.
  3. Move through your emotions. Use the highs, and get through the lows. But, don’t drown in either.

And, be grateful that the whole world isn’t watching you have a bad day.

What strikes you about fishing, baseball, and business?