Why this focus on creation? During the gestation process for Mavis & Company, I looked at my work with my best clients and asked two questions: What is the essence of my approach in working with an individual or a team? What’s the best intangible that I’ve given my clients? As an advisor to leaders, I could tell you all the buzz words related to identifying gaps and developing capabilities. I know how to interpret the instruments, do 360o interviews, give the hard-to-hear feedback, develop insights and strategies…and I am very good at all of that. But, that’s not the best of me. What I have heard from my clients is that I help them learn to become far better creators of the outcomes they have targeted. What does that mean?

  • Flipping the lens from focusing on a real or perceived deficit (e.g., what’s not working; a gap, etc.). We are trained to focus on perfection and improvement. Not bad, but not the stuff that fuels great things. Instead, what do you want to do or make happen here? You still need the data about your current reality—but, your lens on that data is toward the future.
  • Getting crystal clear on what you want to create. Using the word create forces you to own your role and power in making things happen. And getting clear is a lot harder than any of us thinks. In fact, if you start with “what do I want to make happen here?” most of us falter a bit or launch into a conceptual or 30,000 foot target.
  • Taking the journey to bring that outcome into existence. It’s an interesting journey. If your intention is big and bold enough, it’s also full of barriers, counter-forces, and distractions.

This blog is an opportunity to take the journey with me. Hope to hear from you. How does this strike you?