Photo by Orin Zebest

 First today, I want to thank you for reading, skimming, or noting my blog each week. I hope you hear me speaking directly to you; because I am, and I enjoy the work. I wouldn’t be able to do the work without you! Thank you.

This week I am announcing my new and revised website. I have been working on the content for a couple of months with the intent to have the site serve you better. I am moving away from the “brochure” site to one that offers downloadable thought-pieces and tools. I will build on the site regularly.

The process has been both grueling and exhilerating, and I thought it might interest you as you think about your own path. Three reflections have been prominent for me.

  1. Focusing and re-focusing requires really looking at what you do, what is the best of you, and what you want to be. Asking the question “What is my highest and best use?” and “Where am I distinctive?” are two questions that work for any of us as we think about our work.
  2. Initiating new work shows up as an option as you think about the whole. “Where have I been smaller than I could be?” and “What value could I deliver better?” are questions that bring new ideas forward.
  3. Re-energizing occurs along the way. In some ways, taking a look at the best of your work affirms your value, but it also generates new energy to get “out there” and do the work.

Unfortunately, many of us only take this deeper look when we have to (e.g., downsizing, disappointments, etc.). Better to do this work when feeling flush than desperate!

So What’s New?

You will find information on  Creating Remarkable Results, Intentional Leadership, Feedback as a Conversation for Impact, and the Challenges in Getting Clear and The Drawing Board as a tool to help the process.And more…

In future posts, I will footnote some of these tools and announce new additions. In particular, I have been doing a lot of work applying my Remarkable Results framework to Leading Through Remarkable Change.

In the meantime, check it out–and let me know what you think!