I have been re-reading Tim Gallwey’s classic The Inner Game of Tennis. Tim uses his sport of tennis to both help you become a better player; but more importantly, you will immediately see the relevance to creating remarkable results in work and life.

Here’s the nugget for today. In order to deepen your concentration on hitting the ball, focus on the seams of the ball. Of course, everyone who has played a ball sport knows that you need to watch the ball. This is especially true in sports like tennis and baseball where you have to hit a fast-moving ball with a racket or bat. Your concentration on seeing the ball is crucial. And, of course you do see the ball. But, it’s not so easy to see the seams of the ball.

Why focus on the seams? Because, when we are performing, we often give ourselves instructions, critique our moves, and (nowadays) are easily distracted. Focusing on the seams of the ball requires concentration. And, concentration allows you to use your inner knowing and natural skills. What Tim says players notice is that the ball actually seems bigger and to move more slowly.

Ultimately, by focusing on the seams, we bring ourselves truly into the moment and allow ourselves to see the spin, the speed, the play.

What’s on your plate today that would benefit from focusing and seeing the play in the moment? Or, when will you be in conversation with your boss, customer, team, significant other, child where focus will produce better results?

Let me know what you see?

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