As you receive this post, I am likely in a sidewalk cafe in Paris having lunch, successfully “unplugged” for a week of vacation.

In anticipation of my trip I read two books about Ernest Hemingway and his life in Paris in the 1920s and ’30s: The Immovable Feast by Hemingway and The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain. The second book is written from the perspective and in the voice of Hadley Hemingway, Ernest’s first wife. Both excellent reads, but a little too much in a short time.

Why mention this to you? Well, whether you like Hemingway’s books and voluminous writings or not, he was a man who “lived life.” Of course, he also committed suicide, so there’s dark side to that living. Nevertheless, here’s what I am bringing to my Paris visit (ala Hemingway):

  • Follow your heart and your talent—make your unique contribution.
  • Be yourself—fully everyday whether others around you are doing the same or not.
  • Life is exciting, an adventure—live it.
  • Money is useful and necessary—but, not a deterrent to living freely.

While his life had an undercurrent of a bit of inner torture, he did live freely. That’s what I’ll be doing this week. No agenda in a city of adventure.

How freely do you live your life? What would you do if you were more free than you currently experience?

This week, create or intend some new segments of freedom—even small ones. Put the top down on your car, play hookey even for one hour at lunch ( who takes lunch like a break anymore?), or go out to a club without an agenda and curfew.

And, register for my next interview with Dr. Herbert Rappaport on May 14th at noon ET . We will be diving into the personality type: The Narcissist. Join us with the narcissist in your life in mind.