By all indications in our world, now is the time – the opportunity – for each of us to set our sights on a big idea or to make a shift that we have pondered or desired. We may not see another time soon when the convergence of deep challenge and optimism is so powerful, so moving.

My friend and colleague Helen and her husband Rick live in Colorado are adventurers at heart. They hike fourteeners and marvel at great vistas on a weekly if not daily basis. Recently, Helen was giving me a lesson in what to do if you meet a bear along the mountain path. While counter-intuitive (my instincts go to running fast or heart attacks!), you actually are supposed to “get big.” Raise your body, stretch your arms up, and let out a bellow (or ring your bear bell) to tell the bear you are there.

Intrigued, I did a little web search and found this corroborating Wikihow at with some other interesting instructions that translate to organization life, including “shrink the bear” and “know your bear”.

So, what do you want to create or how do you want to show up that is a big change or result? Be an adventurer and “Get Big” with a remarkable result for 2009!