Getting clear about a desired future state is critical to creating a remarkable result. Everything starts with an idea (whether it’s your idea or your boss’s or a customer’s). Our natural human inclination is to state a goal and begin planning the actions to make it happen. What’s usually missed is taking the time to get really clear about all key aspects of the goal. And, clarity is often illusive. Just when you think you have it, someone asks a question that uncovers an aspect not foreseen or fully considered. And, without clarity, down the road you may re-create work or encounter unexpected “counter-forces.”

Sound easy? Not so fast. Find out what this means and why so many stop far short of real clarity.

The Drawing Board (A Tool for Getting Really Clear)

“Working with Mary, I not only executed my strategy, but I reset the bar and drove exceptional results.”
Sandra Morgan, Vice President, National Sales, HCA