A New Learning and Creating Opportunity for You…

…With Other Like-Minded Leaders

This is a special offering for Mavis & Company clients and colleagues who have resonated with my coaching work—personally, in a program, or with your team.

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Great Creators is not an introductory program. This is a program for great creators. We will be significantly advancing your capability to create remarkable results through a cross-company group experience. You will learn from an expanded set of content and from each other, while having access to my coaching.

It’s a monthly membership program. At any time you can suspend or cancel your membership!

  • Reach one or more remarkable results for your work.
  •  Leap the barriers and maneuver the
    complexities of your world.
  • Build on your network of great creators

I am, personally, inviting you to participate in Great Creators, a membership program to include:

  1. A Bi-Monthly Speaker. Every other month, we will hear from a leader who has created a remarkable result.
  2. “Rapping” with Dr. Herbert Rappaport, PhD. This program will introduce Dr. Rappaport who will be deepening our People Are Funny work by helping us understand some of the most commonly difficult personality types. Dr. Rappaport is the author of four books, including Marking Time. He is the former Department Chair of Clinical Psychology at Temple University and is currently a full-time practicing psychologist and an advisor to CEOs.
  3. A monthly live, group coaching call, with two alternative times to accommodate your schedule and timezones.
  4. An interactive, online site that will house the program materials and assignments; provide a member forum for Q&A and sharing; and, give you easy and confidential access to me.

What’s the time commitment? Two hours each month for group coaching and guest interviews, both with options after hours. The rest of the work is on your own, guided by a rich set of video and text materials.

While Great Creators is, in part, a group experience, each member will be expected to maintain his or her own confidentiality in conversation. There is no particular expectation that you will share details of your result, but there is an expectation for your engagement in dialogue on coaching calls.

What’s the Cost?

The monthly membership fee is available in monthly or quarterly payments:

Monthly billing of $197.00

Quarterly billing of $497.00 (15% discount)

 Add a 1-1 coaching package at any time for $200.00/hour (a sizable discount!).

You can also enroll through your company for a 6-month membership of $1080.00

Once you enroll, you will be automatically charged for each month or quarter. Let me know at any time that you would like to change, suspend or cancel your membership. Your only commitment is for the month or quarter initially paid for.

If after the first month, you are not satisfied for any reason, I will refund your payment without question.

Download a Great Creators Program & Curriculum.