I was thinking about what to write about this week and took a look at some of my past posts on the topic of “being more intentional.” Just perusing the titles made my stomach flip when I saw Three Words for 2014 and I realized I had not done anything to make them useful. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

The three words Intention, Curious, and Helpful are very good words for me. I immediately started having flashbacks over the last six months of times I could have used these words to my benefit. Yes, these words are for me. They will support me in my success and satisfaction.

Why do I drop the ball on my commitments to my SELF?

I actually do a pretty good job of thinking about my goals for the people in my life (that’s you, too!), my business, my family, and my life. These three words were for me. I will get the work done without them, but I set them up so that I would be more fully supported in creating my life/work. Why did I drop the ball? The top three reasons that quickly come to mind are:

  • Busy, busy, busy. I’d have to be intentional about being more intentional, curious, and helpful. And, I’m busy.
  • Everyone else comes first. It’s a serious flaw in my personality.
  • No one holds me accountable. There is no deadline to meet or miss. Nor is there a person who will lose or gain (or even know) from my lack of delivery.

So, today starts a new commitment.

How about you? Do you drop the ball on your SELF?  On what? How? Why?

Think about it, and then start a new day and re-newed commitment.