Or, are you supporting and developing everyone else on your team or in your client group? Yesterday a client reminded me that our schedules not only hamper our ability to think clearly and deeply, but after a certain level of success, we rarely take conscious time to learn new things–unless we have to. What might be possible if you carved out a small slice of time to think and learn? It’s not about workshops; it might not even require anything except you, your network, and a big goal. Why don’t we create business environments that keep everyone openly learning and growing?

Maybe one reason it struck me hard is that I have been going through a very steep learning curve in taking part of my business “virtual.” And that change requires not just the technology blast of web-conferencing, forums, and podcasts; but it also means working differently, packaging content and conversations that stretch me. An old dog learning new tricks, I feel periodically uncomfortable and vulnerable when I am used to feeling confident and competent. What I have found is that my desire and commitment pull me forward. Small gains often renew me; the discomfort moves aside for excitement. I really want to achieve this new future-state.

What remarkable result would you like to target that requires you to step back, get clear, be vulnerable, and learn?

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