Do you get frustrated in accomplishing your personal or professional goals? Does it seem like your biggest dreams just hover out there in the future? Or, does the day-to-day grind of it all leave you a little dazed as to where you actually are in your life-work pursuits?

This weekend, we watched a movie called Precious. It’s a very well done movie, but a bit tough to watch. The story is of a young girl who has lived an extreme life of physical and sexual abuse—and her journey out of that life. The next morning, reading the paper, the headlines jumped out with Sandusky, Syria, and the Catholic Church scandal. The world outside of my life loomed large and dangerous.

Over breakfast, we talked about some of my reflections on where my business is, my challenges and disappointments. I could feel myself spiraling, but not too far or fast, when my husband said “Let me hold the mirror for you.” And, he asked me to talk about what I have accomplished.  I started with a rolling of my eyes and a statement of “not much” to which he said “really?”  And, I slogged into this top work list…

  1. 30+ years in business, with highly intentional transitions between jobs and entrepreneurial ventures.
  2. 12 years in my current practice, fully supporting my family’s financial needs during those years.
  3. Great clients and client relationships that have spanned ten + years in some cases.
  4. Meaningful work that has made a big difference in the lives of many clients and their organizations (some actually tell me so).
  5. A rich set of coaching content that I have packaged in learning modules.
  6. A very strong capability to work virtually, web-enabled.

And, the personal…

  1. An intentional balance of my work and home life that allows me to parent my son as I desire.
  2. A husband who is my best friend and partner in life.
  3. Good friends and family members who really know who I am and would come to my aid instantly.

And I still have some runway to accomplish more of what I really want. Somehow with the mirror up, it seems a little small to feel frustrated or disappointed.

Today, hold up the mirror (whether you are frustrated or not) and remind yourself of what you have accomplished, both personally and professionally. Stop right now and make a short list and add to it as the day unfolds. Think of your mirror list as your “base of operation.” It’s so easy to have our goal-driven world create a base from what is next or not complete. With this flip, your aspirations can then rest on your historical path of success, satisfaction, and pride.

If you are having trouble, give me a call and I’ll hold the mirror for you!