My commitment is to create remarkable results with you. Why remarkable? Because what matters most are the Challenges, Opportunities, and next Big Ideas that have critical impact to you and your organization. Those big, remarkable results have a high degree of uncertainty imbedded within them. They require a tremendous skill in understanding and engaging a complex set of stakeholders—your “co-creators.”

Your leadership and your team’s shared success are what Mavis & Company’s work is all about. You are a strong, smart leader. You are highly competent and willing to partner. This work is not about overcoming a deficiency; it’s about complementing your capabilities.

It’s About Clarity, People Strategies, and Enhanced Capabilities

Our work makes the biggest difference in:

  1. Getting Really Clear — about exactly what you want to create. Sound easy? Not so fast. Find out what this means and why so many stop far short of real clarity.
  2. Understanding and Engaging Co-Creators — not the co-creators who are similar to you and easy to engage, but the dissimilar ones who present a challenge.
  3. Re-Habiting and Re-Wiring Vulnerabilities — All change starts with understanding…and with you. Change requires acknowledging and conquering vulnerabilities. Organization change is simply a web of individuals changing, re-habiting and re-wiring vulnerabilities and new expectations.

That’s the Underlying Work. The Focus is on Real Outcomes.

Whether coaching with you or your team, we will target outcomes that are on your plate or around the corner, including:

  • Achieving a particular individual or team goal,
  • Developing greater team effectiveness—faster, better results,
  • Building a specific new capability tied to outcome or career advancement,
  • Getting the right results and engagement in a new, big job, or
  • Orchestrating a challenging change process—individual, team, or organizational.

Work in person, virtually or both. Virtual work can be with an individual or a team through a combination of web-based video conferences and tele-conferences.

You may wonder, “does that really work—to work virtually?” “Absolutely!” Most leaders and teams already work virtually—whether across states, countries, or simply across town. I have worked hard to adopt the right technology and style to accomplish the work without being in the same room. In fact, some leaders and teams learn to collaborate better as a result of the engagement.

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Each Team Member Co-Creates The Desired Culture

Today, I am reposting the piece below that captures Google’s research on teams. That research has permeated many organizations with an eye on the importance of creating “psychological safety” on teams (see the elements below). Sorry for the length today, […]

“As a leader, Mary has helped me shape or refine my own thinking and utilize my own natural strengths to create positive results.
Bill Mezzanotte, Vice-President, Global Products
AstraZeneca Inc.